4. Software Installation

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4.5.    Software Installation
4.5.1.    Raspbian Installation

Raspbian, the operating system for Raspberry PI, is available on the official website for download: https://www.raspberrypi.org/software/operating-systems/#raspberry-pi-os-32-bit
Required version: Raspberry Pi OS with desktop
A Windows 7-10 computer is required for installation.

4.6.    Raspbian start
After installation, insert the SD card into the Raspberry PI.

In case of successful installation, a "welcome" opens after downloading.

Click Next, select the country and city.

Setting a password to log in to the system

If there is a black border around the screen, check this box.

Next, connect the Raspberry to the network and launch the software update.

After the update and restart, Raspberry is ready to work.

4.7.    Setting the screen resolution

Editing the file is required to display the screen correctly. Config.txt , which is located on the installed SD memory card.
To do this, insert the card into the card reader on the main computer and edit the file config.txt (it is available when downloading from under the window).
Add the lines highlighted in red to the [pi4] section

# # # # # # # # Enable the VC4 V3D DRM driver on top of the dispmanx dtoverlay display stack
dtoverlay =vc4-fkms-v3d
# Make sure that fkms is chosen, not kms!
hdmi_cvt=1024 600 60 6 0 0 0


4.8.    Connecting SSH and VNC access

SSH and VNC accesses can be used to access from a remote computer. Enabling on the Raspberry side is carried out through the raspi-config utility by typing in the terminal or through the graphical interface.

Enable SSH, VNC, Serial port in the Interfaces tab. Turn off the Serial Console.

Clients of these services:
SSH – text access, convenient for filling files and executing non-graphical commands.
VNC – screen broadcast.

4.9.    Cashunit installation.

To install the Cashunit system, launch the terminal and copy the following lines sequentially into the terminal:
wget http://www.cashunit.ru/files/scripts/install_cashunit.sh
chmod u+x install_cashunit.sh

Run the installation script:

Waiting for the installation to finish:
After successful installation, the script outputs "All files installed"