2. CashUnit system compounents

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3.    Installing the Cashunit system. Necessary components.

3.1 Raspberry PI 4B minicomputer / (4MB recommended/ 2 MB minimum) memory.

  • Example 1


  • Example  2


  • Device housing with fan (95 mm x 70 mm x 35 mm), space occupied with wires (150 mm x 100 mm x 50 mm);
  • Radiators for chips;
  • 5 volt power supply;
  • Memory card (minimum 8 GB);

3.2.    Monitor 7 inches.

Recommended Waveshare HDMI Model

3.3.    JCM bill validator
The following devices with ID-003 protocol support are suitable:

  • JCM EBA-40 for use under a bag (the bag is not supplied)
  • JCM DBV-500 (note-to-note acceptance)
  • JCM TBV-100 (bulk note acceptance)

3.4.    Casino A1K Thermal Printer


Versions with both USB (recommended option) and RS232 port. The width of the thermal paper is 58 mm.

3.5.    Verifone/PAX terminal with Smartsale protocol support
USB connection.

3.7.    Mini keyboard for customization

3.8.    TTL-RS232 converter
To connect the bill acceptor, you need to use a converter TTL-RS232.