1. CashUnit system description

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1.     Brief description of the Cashunit system

The Cashunit system is a flexible solution for managing cash acceptance in various systems.
The system is specially designed to implement the following devices:

  • Deposit safe;
  • Payment kiosk;
  • Ticket terminal;
  • Vending machine;


The system is a software and hardware complex for connecting various peripheral devices, for example:

  • Bill acceptor;
  • Printer;
  • Coin receiver;
  • Payment terminal;
  • Contactless payment reader;
  • Dispenser;


2. General description of the Cashunit system
2.1. General description of the software functionality:

A local system installed on a Linux compatible computer, capable of processing various events
from external peripheral devices.

2.2. System components:
2.2.1. Hardware components.

They allow accepting payments, printing reports and transferring transactions to the banking

  • Raspberry PI minicomputer or any brand of portable boards: Raspberry PI, Rock PI, Banana PI, ASUS tinker board .
  • 7 inch 1024x600 monitor.
  • JCM bill acceptor with ID-003 protocol support. For example, JCM EBA-40, DBV-500, TBV-100.
  • Cashino A1K, RS232 or USB printer.
  • Verifone terminal with support of Smartsale protocol.
  • Mini keyboard.

2.2.2. Software on Linux mini computer.

The software on the mini computer consists of the following components:

  • The Cashunit system itself;
  • Event interception and processing system (interface with system devices, web system http://www.cash-unit.com and external sensors);

This functionality allows you to connect several mini computers to the event display system at the same time, if necessary